Volunteering in Thailand

If you are travelling and want to give something back by volunteering in Thailand while looking for a health and wellness adventure Keep Reading!

Welcome to Education Centre for Community In Thailand

Can you donate some of your time to volunteering at our school and in the technology school inside Wat Phrai Phatthana in Phu Sing district of Si Sa Ket province, Thailand and really help make a difference then this project is for you!

Volunteering, Meditation & Thai Boxing

Welcome to ECC Thailand (Education Centre for Community). Located 75km  outside Sisaket in the rural village of Phrai Phatthana in Phu Sing District.  ECC volunteer school provides free education to around 50 students from the local village. Our volunteers support the local government elementary and high schools by providing English classes to students between the ages of 5 – 17 years old and also teaching English to the young monks at Wat Phrai Phatthana.

If you are looking to volunteer in one of these roles please feel free to contact us.

  • Administration
  • English Teaching
  • Social Media Marketing

Your Volunteer Experience

During your stay you will experience life in  Phrai Phattana, a rural village of Phu Sing, Sisaket Province in the region of Isan, Thailand. Our ECC Volunteer School and accommodation is situated next to Wat Phrai Phattana temple.

We ask for around 24 hours per week which will give you lots of free time for meditation alone or meditate with the monks. There is also free access to to the local Thai boxing gym.

Volunteering in a Thai School

At ECC we pride ourselves on being a 100% volunteer run project. Without you, the volunteers, none of this would be possible.

As a new volunteer you will be paired with another volunteer with experience for classes and government text books will be provided for you to follow the countries curriculum along with flashcards and other pre-planned activities. Our previous volunteers have put a lot of thought into helping the next generation of volunteers easily integrate into our project so it doesn’t get overwhelming. We want your volunteer teaching experience to be a memory that will last a lifetime.

volunteering wat phrai phattana
teaching english to young monks
Wat Phrai Phattana logo

ECC (Education Centre for Community) is a non government organisation, located in a suburb of Sisaket, Thailand, created by Savon and Savuth in 2023. The main goal of ECC is to improve future prospects,  enabling students to escape the vicious cycle of poverty that is so prevalent in Cambodia.

To achieve this, ECC offers free education to everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, religion or political tendency.

What Our Volunteers Say!

Teaching for ECC Thailand was so joyful. Living on a Thai Buddhist monastery leaves an impact. Talking with the elder monk, being surrounded by animals, peaceful vibes and all the other monks was such an experience. I meditated with them and did Thai boxing training. There were other moments where we were honored in the community for getting the school going. The students were rather disciplined for the schools we come by. They wanted to learn. You also can teach some child monks learning their discipline. The food is great, I loved immersing with the locals and was nicknamed by locals.

Daniel - Worldpackers

Volunteer Teacher

The volunteer experience at Wat Phrai Phatthana is very enriching for me. An experience where I got more than what I expected. I feel I have created a big difference in teaching English to the monks and the primary school students. The monks are very enthusiastic to learn and look up high on us to understand English . We as a teachers are flexible to teach the way we want and the topics we can. All that matters is the monks and students be able to communicate in English. ECC folks Savon is doing a great job in pulling volunteers together and providing education to all.

Anil - Worldpackers

Volunteer Teacher

ECC is an officially registered NGO and was founded on the 10th of February 2014 at the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia and created ECC Thailand with an M.O.U and Wat Phrai Phrattana in July 2023.