Volunteer Teaching English in Rural Sisaket, Thailand

At ECC we believe education is the key to escaping poverty. If you are interested in teaching children beween the ages of 5-17 years old and to the young student monks then you are welcome to join us!

Volunteer Teachers Needed in Rural Sisaket, Thailand

Why We Need Volunteer teachers

We require volunteer teachers to come and help break the cruel cycle of poverty through education.

Isan, homes approximately one-third of Thailand’s 67 million inhabitants, makes up merely ten per cent of the country’s total GDP. When considering regional value-added per capita, Isan emerges as the most economically disadvantaged area in Thailand.

In stark contrast, Bangkok stands as the nation’s wealthiest region, closely followed by central, southern, and northern Thailand.

A volunteer teaching English in Sisaket

Volunteer Teaching in a School

Volunteer teaching English in Thailand is a crucial step towards breaking the cruel cycle of poverty. Education is the key to empowering individuals and communities, and Isan, as the poorest region of Thailand, is in dire need of educational support.

By dedicating your time and skills to teach English, you can provide valuable opportunities for the local population, equipping them with the language skills necessary to access better job prospects and create a brighter future.

Join us in making a difference through education in Thailand.

Teaching The Young Monks

Volunteer teaching English to the young Buddhist Monks at Wat Phrai Phattana temple in Sisaket, Thailand is an opportunity to make a profound impact on breaking the cruel cycle of poverty.

By imparting English language skills to these monks, we empower them with a valuable tool for future success, expanding their educational and employment prospects.

Through this noble act, we contribute to their personal growth and create a positive ripple effect that will uplift their communities and inspire others to pursue education as a means of breaking free from poverty.

teaching english to young monks in Sisaket